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This course will cover how to communicate effectively and efficiently with yourself, your coworkers and your clients/customers not only in everyday life, but in a crisis.

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Jaclyn Coleman

Jaclyn is the founder of Muse Group, a full-service marketing agency serving Reno-Tahoe and Seattle. With nearly ten years of digital marketing experience under her belt, Jaclyn is well-versed in a wide range of industries, including (but definitely not limited to) nonprofit organizations, publications, local farms, annual events, travel, and food & beverage. Her entrepreneurial drive stems from her passion to help businesses put their best digital foot forward in every way possible.

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  1. Adriana
    April 24, 2020

    Thanks, Jaclyn for this valuable recommendations. I guess a few years of remote work have trained me for quarantine. I can only imagine how challenging working from home must be for people who has never done it before. Specially under the current circumstances, with children and spouses safe at home and few opportunities to get out and release some steam. Plus all the concerns related to the pandemic. I’m familiar with tools like Trello, slack and zoom. They came in very handy when I first started working from home and was feeling isolated and detached from the rest of the team. Something that worked for me was “having lunch” together on zoom. Loved all the tips to communicate with oneself. The post it suggestion is genius. Thank you 😊


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